2012 Season Kicks Off!

The Advantage Multisport team has had a great start to the season.  Francie Gass has been crushing her age group in all of her run races, setting course records along the way in races from Bellingham to Arizona.  Jeannie Gilbert has set 2 PRs on half marathon courses this spring, then another PR at the Onionman Triathlon last weekend.  She is on track for a great season in her build for Lake Stevens in July.  Another new athlete to AM is Kansas…

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Key workout strategies

Balancing Peak Performance with Life. by Daryl Smith, PT USA Triathlon Coach Objectives – Balancing training with life – The Key Workouts Strategy (KWS) – Periodization – Race-specific KWs – Insuring recovery between KWs The essence of the KW strategy: “Never forget that endurance training and competition are supposed to nurture good health and well being, not compromise it. Any workout decision that compromises health in any way is unacceptable. When you push your body with a long or hard workout, you do…

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