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One-On-One Weekly Coaching – $125/Month

Daryl Smith is a L1 Certified USA Triathlon Coach and a Licensed Physical Therapist trained in sports-injury rehabilitation and bike fitting. In addition, Daryl is an experienced, competitive athlete who has competed in triathlon and duathlon, from sprint to iron distance, and running races from 5k to ultradistances. He is proud to offer the following services:


  1. Review and discuss athlete’s competitive history and goals.
  2. Design a custom, periodized Annual Training Plan (ATP) and/or multiyear plan to reach goals.
  3. Identify strengths and limiters.
  4. Identify individual time availability and design a basic week around family, work, and lifestyle.
  5. Determine heart rate and power zones for training and racing.
  6. Deliver individualized schedule (includes swim, bike, run, weights, and core sessions) to athlete in 1-3 week blocks to maintain flexibility and allow adjustments for ability, recovery status, and unforeseen life circumstances.
  7. Subscription to for program delivery, tracking, and communication.
  8. Unlimited email/phone follow-up per week.
  9. Nutritional strategies to improve health, performance, and recovery.
  10. Rehab strategies to overcome injuries and muscle imbalances.
  11. Pacing and nutrition plan/review for goal races.
  12. One face-to-face training session or meeting per week for local or visiting athletes.

Bike fit included. Monthly fee US$125, with a 3 month commitment***, after which month-to-month payments are accepted. This is an all encompassing plan and is the best approach for athletes training at any level who want constant objective feedback to reach their full potential. 

***I believe that a 3 month commitment is the minimum that is required for a coach and athlete to see the significant changes that can occur with a well-periodized, individualized plan. I look forward to advising you through the training and racing process and to help you achieve peak performance. I hope that you will enjoy the health and rewards associated with a long and successful triathlon career.



(via phone or in-person if geographically possible) Can be used for:

  1. Recommendations for building your plan or review of an already established plan.
  2. Injury prevention, evaluation, and/or treatment.
  3. Nutritional or race strategies.
  4. In-person swim, bike, or run skills.
  5. Core training program.
  6. In-person training session if schedule allows.

Consultation fee of US$60 per hour with 2 follow-up emails. I recommend that you prepare your questions and agenda prior to this session so that our consultation will be most productive and satisfying.


  1. Specific fit to road bike, triathlon/TT bike, or mountain bike.
  2. Includes flexibility and muscle testing.
  3. Measurement and adjustment of your bike and equipment.
  4. Recommendations and instruction for flexibility and core exercises.
  5. Recommendations for purchase of equipment or bike parts to improve fit, comfort, and performance.
  6. Bike Fit fee of US$150. Includes 1 follow-up visit for additional bike adjustment if needed.