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Jake Brog, You are an Ironman!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jake beginning of December when he approached me for coaching his first Ironman race. He is the owner of a successful gym in Bellingham, and I felt he was an immediate kindred spirit in the fitness industry as he is all about inspiring those to better health and life. Jake is a big strong guy, not your average Ironman build, but I had seen him in running races around Whatcom county a few times in the…

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Exercise is Medicine

In the past week I have seen 4 significant research articles come up pointing to the importance of exercise and healthy living to improving immunity and minimizing the risk factors associated with COVID-19, and most likely most acute or chronic diseases. The first was a study from NYU that “found obesity as the single biggest factor in New York COVID critical cases.” The second a paper by two of my favorite exercise science and and health researchers, Philip Maffetone and Paul Larsen,…

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