Every Athlete is an Individual

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Daryl Smith

USA Triathlon L1 Certified Coach, Physical Therapist
  • Competitive endurance athlete since 1995 as a runner, duathlete and triathlete.
  • Physical Therapist, trained in orthopedic sports injury rehabilitation and bike fitting.
  • Fifteen years coaching experience, cross country, track, road racing, duathlon and triathlon, youth to adult.
  • I have extensive coaching experience, enjoy working with athletes of all abilities, and I know that the path to your athletic success will lie in keeping you healthy.

Core Coaching Values


Every athlete is an individual. While basic principles of physiology can be applied to all athletes, how we implement and adapt those principles to fit each athlete must be individualized.


Never sacrifice health for performance. As a Physical Therapist I believe that nurturing and maintaining health through training, nutrition, injury prevention and recovery will produce long-term consistency and better athletic performance.


Life and training must be balanced to maintain health and harmony. During times of high stress, training will have to be adjusted to maintain this balance. Choose athletic goals based on life situation.


Be as efficient and effective as possible with training prescription. Be present in the session, have a purpose, and maintain the goal of that session.


A training schedule must be adapted frequently to how the athlete is feeling and recovering. This requires good communication from the coach on how a session or block of sessions should be performed, and effective feedback from the athletes as well.


Training and racing must be fun. Maintaining a great attitude and smile throughout training and racing should be emphasized.


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November/December Racing

While a large share of the Advantage Multisport crew have been laying base for 2017, a few have been still tearing it up in road races and triathlons.  

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More Great End of Season Performances

Advantage Multisport athletes have been laying down some great racing the past couple weeks, both locally and around the country.  Brian Bowman ran his first ultramarathon at the Stumjumper 50k in Alabama.  In fact, it qualified as his first marathon as well, with only 7 months of training under his belt.  He pushed through 6700 vertical feet to finish strong as he builds for a 46miler in Dec.  Brian is a tough guy and student of the sport and will make a…

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Wasatch 100, Best of the West, and Lake Stevens

A bit overdo on this report, but the past 2 weekends have been quite busy for Advantage Multisport athletes.  Lots of pictures to share, so I will let the pictures do most of the talking. What a fantastic summer it has been, and there are several fall and winter races coming up as well.  Thank you all for letting me be a part of your journey!

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Daryl Smith

USA Triathlon L1 Certified Coach, Physical Therapist


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